The Benefits of Recording in a Professional Studio


In today’s music industry, recording has evolved significantly. With the rise of home recording, many artists now have the opportunity to create music in the comfort of their own homes. However, there are undeniable advantages to recording in a professional studio. Let’s explore the benefits of working in a professional studio setting and why it continues to be a desired choice for musicians.

Capturing the Energy of a Live Performance:

One of the primary benefits of recording in a professional studio is the ability to capture the energy of a live performance. Professional studios often feature spacious live rooms where musicians can record together, playing off each other’s energy. This dynamic interaction between musicians can result in a vibrant and compelling performance that may be difficult to achieve through individual recordings. The raw emotion and chemistry of a live session can bring a unique quality to the music, adding depth and authenticity to the final take. The Church Studio, one of the larger recording studio rooms in American, can easily accommodate orchestral sessions. This would not be possible in a home studio. 


The Church Studio Live Room in Use


Access to Top-Notch Equipment and Expertise:

Another benefit of recording in a professional studio is access to top-notch recording equipment, instruments, and technology that can significantly enhance the quality and production value of a recording. When you pay for studio time, you gain access to a wide range of resources designed to capture and shape sound in the best possible way. From high-end microphones to state-of-the-art mixing consoles, effects processors, and an acoustically treated Live Room, these tools ensure that every aspect of your music is captured with precision and clarity.


The Church Studio Live Room


At The Church Studio, we go the extra mile to provide artists with exceptional recording experiences. The Control Room is equipped with a Neve 8068 analog console, offering the option to record on analog or digital platforms, based on the artist’s preference and desired sound. This flexibility allows our artists to achieve the warm and rich tones associated with analog recording or take advantage of the convenience and versatility of digital workflows or a hybrid of both. Many artists record in ProTools then the audio engineer will run the recording through tape and transfer back to ProTools. This technique adds the warmth of analog with the convince of digital mixing.


The Church Studio Control Room – Neve 8068 Analog Console

Ampex ATR-102 Half Inch Tape Machine


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the equipment. Our experienced engineers and producers are dedicated to helping you achieve your artistic vision. For instance, when recording vocals at The Church Studio, our engineers meticulously line up 3-4 different high-end, vintage microphones for the vocalist to choose from. This attention to detail ensures that the microphone selected complements the unique qualities of the artist’s voice, resulting in the best possible vocal performance.

Collaboration and Creative Input:

Working with a skilled producer in a professional studio can provide invaluable insights and guidance. Producers bring a fresh perspective to the recording process, helping artists shape their songs and arrangements. Their experience and expertise can offer new ideas, creative input, and constructive criticism that elevate the music to new heights. The collaborative nature of the studio environment encourages experimentation, leading to innovative choices and artistic growth.



Focus and Dedicated Space:

Recording at home can be filled with distractions, from household noise to interruptions from family members or roommates. In contrast, a professional studio like The Church Studio offers a dedicated space solely for the purpose of recording music. Our acoustically treated and soundproof rooms ensure the best sounding recordings by minimizing unwanted external noise and reflections. The size of our Live Room is truly impressive, perfect for orchestral sessions, choirs, and large bands. This controlled environment enables artists to devote their full attention to their craft, offering them unrestricted space, freedom from external disruptions, and fostering creativity, resulting in more inspired and productive sessions. In addition to our spacious Live Room, we understand that some artists prefer the intimacy of smaller spaces. That’s why we also have intimate spaces available for artists who favor smaller rooms. We have 4 ISO booths specifically designed for this purpose. These booths provide a cozy atmosphere similar to the ones someone might record in at their home, allowing artists to capture their performances with a personal touch.


Networking Opportunities:

The last benefit of recording in a professional studio is having excellent networking opportunities. Professional recording studios serve as a hub for musicians and industry professionals. Artists may have the chance to meet other talented musicians, potential collaborators, and industry insiders. These connections can lead to valuable relationships and opportunities for growth within the music industry. The studio environment provides a platform for artists to expand their network and gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives.


Recording at The Church Studio offers artists unparalleled advantages, including access to industry-leading equipment, rare vintage gear, and the expertise of experienced engineers and producers. Our commitment to quality ensures pristine audio capture and recordings and a polished, professional-sounding record. The dedicated and focused environment allows artists to fully immerse themselves in the music-making process, leading to exceptional results.By choosing The Church Studio, you not only gain access to a premier recording facility but also position yourself above the average studio, creating a distinctive and extraordinary recording experience.

The Church Studio

The Church Studio

The historic church was turned into a recording studio and home office to Shelter Records in 1972. Under Leon Russell's leadership, the stone structure served as a creative workshop for songwriters, musicians, engineers, and singers to collaborate, learn, and inspire.

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