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The Church Studio offers both analog and digital recording options in a state-of-the-art facility. Acoustically; it is one of the best sounding rooms in America and the room size makes it unique to hold all sizes of sessions including orchestral.

The recording studio underwent a significant historic renovation, completed in early 2022, with a highly coveted vintage gear list to accompany the gorgeous restoration.

Constructed in 1915 as Grace M.E. Church; it was in 1972 that Leon Russell purchased the dilapidated building and turned it into a world-class recording studio and home office for Shelter Records.

Along with his business partner, producer, Denny Cordell, the business rocked the music world throughout the 1970s.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers got their start at The Chuch Studio and the history boasts many other legacy artists that walked through the doors including Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Kansas, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, George Harrison, Dwight Twilley, Ringo Starr to name a few.

Today, The Church Studio is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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4 ISO Booths

LIVE ROOM46'-0" x 37'-8"
CONTROL ROOM21'-3" x 15'-6"

Studio Gear List

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Neve 8068

Flying Faders II
Studer A 827 Gold Edition 2” 24 Track Analog w/ Timeline Lynx-2
ProTools HDX • Ultimate 2021.6
(2) Burl B80 Motherships
32 A/D • 40 D/A • BAES-4
Mac Pro 2.7GHz 7,1 24 Core
1TB SSD System Drive
2 2TB SSD Internal Work Drives
288 GB 2933 MHz DDR4
Super Drive
MacOS Monterey version 12.0.1
Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2 Track Analog
Alesis MasterLink ML 9600 24/96 Hard Disk / CDR 2 Track
Brainstorm Distripalyzer SR 112 / SR TCG
Horita BSG 50 Blackburst
DK Metering MSD 600

Headphone System

(13) Formula Sound Que 10 Boxes
(49) CLHR Passive Four Channel Boxes


(12) Ultrasone Pro 550i
(20) Audio Technica ATH-MX50x


AKG & Neumann Maintained By The Mic Shop
(2) AEA KU4
(2) AKG C12 SM204/23
(1) AKG C24 Stereo
(2) AKG C414 EB
(4) AKG C414 XLS
(1) AKG C451 E
(1) AKG D12 E
(1) AKG D112
(3) Beyer M160
(2) Coles 4038
(4) Electro-Voice ND46
(2) Electro-Voice RE20
(2) Gefell M300 Matched Pair
(2) Neumann KM56
(2) Neumann KM84
(1) Neumann M367
(2) Neumann M49
(1) Neumann SM2 Stereo
(1) Neumann SM69 Stereo
(1) Neumann U47
(2) Neumann U67
(4) Neumann U87
(3) Royer R-122 MKII Ribbon
(4) Sennheiser MD 421-II
(1) Sennheiser MD 441-U
(2) Soyuz 013 FET
(6) Shure SM57
(2) Shure SM58
(3) Shure SM7b
(1) Telefunken ELAM 251
(2) Telefunken M80

Mic Pre or Mic Pre w/EQ

(2) API 512C
(1) GML 8304 (4) Channel
(1) John Hardy M1 (4) Channel
(2) Telefunken v76


(1) Acme Audio Motown DI WB-3
(4) Countryman Type 85
(1) Demeter VTDB Tube
(2) Radial JDI MKIII
(2) Radial JDV MKV
(1) Radial Pro AV 2
(1) Radial JPC
(1) Rupert Neve Designs RNDI-Stereo

Limiter / Compressors

(2) DBX 160 VU
(3) DBX 160X
(2) Neve 32264a
(2) Q2 Audio Compex F765-SP
(1) Teletronics LA 2A
(1) Trident 2 Channel
(1) UREI 1178 2 Channel
(2) UREI 1176


(2) API 550A
(2) Great River / Harrison 32
(2) Maag Audio EQ4
(1) Orban 622B 2 Channel
(1) Sontec MEP250 EX 2 Channel
(2) Trident 80B 500
(2) Pultec EQP-1

Reverbs ~ Delays

(1) AMS RMX-16
(2) EMT 140 Plate Reverb ~ Stereo
(1) Lexicon 480L w / Classic Cart
(1) Lexicon PCM 42
(2) Live Chambers

A/D ~ D/A Converters

Burl B2 A/D & D/A 2 Channel

Front Wall

Steve Durr Designs
TAD 1601B Woofers
TAD 4002 HF Drivers
Bag End 18” Sub Woofers
2 Bryston 7B3’s LF
2 Bryston 7B3’s Subs
1 Bryston 4B3 HF


ATC Loudspeakers SCM50ASL


Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Bryston 4B3


Altec A7 Voice Of The Theatre
Bryston 4B3
Bag End 18” Sub Woofer
Bryston 7B3

Mic Stands

(3) Triad-Orbit Mini TM • OM Mini Boom w/ M2 Short Stem
(6) Triad-Orbit TM-1 • OM Mini Boom w/ M2 Short Stem
(8) Triad-Orbit T-2 • 01-L Boom w/ M2 Short Stem
(6) Triad-Orbit T-3C • 01-L Boom w/ M2 Short Stem
(6) Triad-Orbit Starbird SB-1
(2) Triad-Orbit 02 X Dual Arm Boom
(2) Triad-Orbit 02-XY Dual Arm Body
(1) Triad-Orbit IO Vector Utility Bar


Yahama C7 Conservatory Grand
Hammond B3 w / Leslie 122
Fender Rhodes 73
Wurlitzer 200A
Hohner Clavinet D6

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