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Monday Open Mic Night in Studio Row for Singers and Songwriters 

6 pm to 9 pm, All Ages Welcome
This Fun Evening is Ideal for:

  • Testing out new music and songs
  • Engaging with fans, other musicians and songwriters
  • Becoming part of Tulsa’s music community
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Practicing your stage presence in front of a friendly, live audience
  • Perform on original studio flooring that was removed from the historic The Church Studio

Anyone is eligible to play at Open Mic as long as your material is original!

  • Arrive by 5:30 to check in with the host.
  • Please bring friends and family to support you and your hard work!
  • Be prepared to play at least 2 songs, solo or accompanied by no more than 2 others on stage.
  • Click "view and sign up" and enter your name in one of the numbered slots. Choose at least one per date.
  • Walk ins welcome*
*subject to availability

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