Danny Boy

Today we are talking with Danny O’Connor, aka “Danny Boy.” You may recognize him from the 90’s hip hop group House of Pain whose smash hit “Jump Around” put them at the top of the charts in 1992. Since then, there has been no shortage of ups and downs from his addiction struggles to his rise to a social media marketing mogul.  With his latest project; The Outsiders House, he’s continuing to enjoy an extraordinary life. You’ll see why this was one of our favorite podcast guests once you watch and listen, so please sit back and get to know a little bit more about Danny and the eclectic story that led him to a very intentional place of gratitude.

FROM THE CHAMBER: The podcast’s name is inspired by the rare and exquisite subterranean echo chambers housed beneath the legendary The Church Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll be taking a deep dive into all things music with all of your favorite recording artists, producers, engineers, actors, and many other notable music fans and connoisseurs. Our mission is simple: to celebrate great music and the masterful art of capturing, enjoying, and promoting it.

Location: Harwelden Mansion’s “Earl’s Chamber” in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Guests:  Danny O’ Connor “Danny Boy”
Co-Hosts: Cade Roberts & Lisa Jones
Executive Producer: Teresa Knox
Producer:  John Moss
Filmed and Edited By:  Grassfire Creative
Stinger Music: Written and Recorded by Cade Roberts

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