Today in the podcast studio, we are exposed to an emerging business model for the music industry; a non-profit record label called Horton Records.   Two signed artists–music heroes Jesse Aycock and Paul Benjamin— along with founder and President; Brian Horton join the From the Chamber team to discuss a plethora of relevant topics including a very special new project, “BACK TO PARADISE: A Tulsa Tribute to Okie Music.”

“Back to Paradise” was recorded at Leon Russell’s famed lakehouse studio at Grand Lake in Tiajuana, Oklahoma, also known as Paradise Studios. The legendary space, at its peak, hosted Bob Seger, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton.  Enjoy the Horton crew and learn how the project came together from conception to the final master. We’ll also get each of their takes on how the modern music industry landscape is shifting and how a boutique record label is sustainable in today’s evolving music landscape.

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