Today is an interesting and entertaining edition of “From The Chamber,” especially for any of you who are keeping up with the renovation of the historic The Church Studio, a National Landmark!  Visiting us from Nashville, Chad Hailey and Steven Durr are two of the most sought-after names in acoustical design and engineering and are the masterminds behind this extraordinary historic restoration that are bringing Leon Russell’s recording studio back to life.

Some of their credits include JJ Cale, Neil Young, Mark Ronson, Kid Rock, Fame Studios, and so many more.  Join us as we learn more about Chad and Steve’s incredible talents and passions and how we are leveraging those skills in the renaissance that is emerging at The Church Studio!

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The Church Studio

The Church Studio

The historic church was turned into a recording studio and home office to Shelter Records in 1972. Under Leon Russell's leadership, the stone structure served as a creative workshop for songwriters, musicians, engineers, and singers to collaborate, learn, and inspire.

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