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Mat Maxwell is an industry go-to musician for both international touring and studio sessions. Although he is a multi-instrumentalist, he claims bass as his primary tool for musical expression. Currently, he is on tour with country music star Lauen Alaina of American Idol fame. But in between tour dates and sessions, Mat also keeps busy with his passion for education and consulting as well as writing his new book which will serve as a practical, all-in-one guide for how to not only get started in the industry, but possibly even more importantly, how to stay working in the industry. In the modern music industry, it is equally as important to understand personal branding and social media as it is to understand performing on stage, and Mat is the perfect example. We very much enjoyed getting this behind the scenes look at life on the road as a modern musician!

FROM THE CHAMBER: The podcast’s name is Inspired by the rare and exquisite subterranean echo chambers housed beneath the legendary The Church Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll be taking a deep dive into all things music with all of your favorite recording artists, producers, engineers, actors and many other notable music fans and connoisseurs. Our mission is simple: to celebrate great music and the masterful art of capturing, enjoying and promoting it.

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