Grammy Award-Winning Audio Engineer, Gary Laney joins The Church Studio

By The Church Studio | August 15, 2023

Q&A with Gary Laney What was your first impression of The Church Studio?  The studio was incredible sounding, the mic selection was great and of course the Neve 8068 is a legendary board. The crew here is full of fun, hard working people that are trying to make every client’s visit extraordinary.  What do you hope to accomplish being a part of The Church Studio team?  I have been in the recording business for many decades and hope to bring my recording and production experience to The Church Studio to serve musicians and mentor the next generation of audio engineers. …

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Steve Ripley – Producer at The Church Studio and Leader of The Tractors Part 2

By Deborah McLaren | August 11, 2023

Part 2: Steve Ripley – Music Producer at The Church Studio and Leader of The Tractors Steve Ripley left Oklahoma to pursue his musical dreams in Nashville and Los Angeles before returning to Tulsa. Numerous well-known performers in the rock, country, and Americana music genres considered him a friend and confidant. For his work at The Church Studio and his future band, he collected a huge network of brilliant friends and artists. In addition to his prowess as a musician and producer, Ripley was well-known in the business for his technological innovations in the areas of guitars, microphones, and sound…

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The Benefits of Recording in a Professional Studio

By The Church Studio | July 20, 2023

In today’s music industry, recording has evolved significantly. With the rise of home recording, many artists now have the opportunity to create music in the comfort of their own homes. However, there are undeniable advantages to recording in a professional studio. Let’s explore the benefits of working in a professional studio setting and why it continues to be a desired choice for musicians. Capturing the Energy of a Live Performance: One of the primary benefits of recording in a professional studio is the ability to capture the energy of a live performance. Professional studios often feature spacious live rooms where…

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A Journey Through Time: The Enchanting History of Reverb

By Nancy Ruth | July 11, 2023

A Journey Through Time: The Enchanting History of Reverb  by Nancy Ruth  Reverb is one of the most intriguing and vital effects in the world of music production. This amazing auditory phenomenon may take listeners to otherworldly regions while adding depth, texture, and a feeling of space to musical compositions. This blog takes us on a fascinating trip through time to investigate the history of reverb, from its humble origins to its present uses. Reverb, short for reverberation, is the persistence of sound after the original sound source has stopped. Its roots may be traced back to the natural world,…

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The Top 10 Shelter Records Artists You Need to Know

By Ethan Scott | May 24, 2023

Shelter Records holds a significant place in music history, having launched the careers of numerous talented artists and contributing to the development of iconic sounds. Founded in 1969 by Leon Russell and Denny Cordell, Shelter Records quickly became known for its diverse roster of musicians and its commitment to nurturing artistic creativity. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the top 10 Shelter Records artists that every music lover should know. 1. Leon Russell No discussion of Shelter Records would be complete without mentioning the founder himself, Leon Russell. A multi-talented singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer, Russell was a driving force…

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The Tulsa Sound: The Definitive Definition by Ann Bell

By Ann Bell | April 28, 2023

The Tulsa Sound: The Definitive Definition by Ann Bell I was privileged to be born in 1950, in the Great State of Oklahoma, and the Great City of Tulsa. Growing up I learned very quickly just how blessed I was to be an Okie and for many reasons. The people are such loving, laid-back, God-fearing patriots, and I learned from my family to take great pride in that fact. As I became a teenager, another truthful fact emerged in my awareness of being an Okie. That fact was the powerfully impacting presence of our music history. The music history of…

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JJ Cale Finds Shelter

By Paul Sparks | March 28, 2023

After shopping around for more than six months, Audie Ashworth and JJ Cale decided to sign with Leon Russell and Denny Cordell’s Shelter label, probably on June 5, 1971. This was the same day that Cale re-recorded a new version of “After Midnight” (at Cordell’s request, some say Ashworth’s), and also added “Don’t Go To Strangers” to round out his debut album to 12 tracks. Two days later, he joined the musician’s union. Over the next four years, Cale not only recorded for Shelter, but he also worked for them, most likely pro bono.   We all know that Johnny…

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Leon Russell: The Early Childhood Years

By Nancy Ruth | January 6, 2023

Most of us know about Claude Russell Bridges playing the piano by ear at 4 years old and hitting the honky tonks around Tulsa at 14 – but not a lot is recorded about his formative childhood years. Who was young Claude Russell Bridges?

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Sharon Johnson Caskey Magnolia Meadows

Volunteer Spotlight: Sharon Johnson Caskey

By The Church Studio | December 22, 2022

Volunteers rock at The Church Studio! We love and appreciate the valuable role they play in our operations. Sharon Johnson Caskey is one of our talented volunteers. She not has a knack for arranging flowers and choosing trees for Magnolia Meadows, but she’s wonderful in our retail store, serving clients and giving tours. Learn more about Sharon below and you’ll see why she is so amazing to have on the team. SHARON JOHNSON CASKEY Oklahoma has everything I love! I was born and raised in Durant, OK. Growing up, we visited my Aunt Joycie in Tulsa and I dreamed of…

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Steve Ripley’s Red Dirt Roots Part 1

By Deborah McLaren | December 6, 2022

Steve Ripley: 1950-2019 Oklahoma Music Legend, Owner of The Church Studio, member of The Tractors It’s comforting to know that after you’re gone, a part of you will remain. Steve Ripley left behind an artistic legacy that will have an impact long after his passing. Many people were impacted by his compassion and ingenuity. Red Dirt and the Tulsa Sound, two new Oklahoma music genres, were aided in creation by Ripley. He owned The Church Studio in Tulsa for almost two decades where he produced many artists as well as his own band The Tractors. They recorded the song Baby…

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